Welcome the First Artist: Valentyne Metyk

September 6, 2021

A Greeting

Hello, fellow human Soul. During rare moments of awakening – whether in a meditative state or simply being stoned at your popular raving place – you may have noticed this.

Our avatars waste themselves on external stimuli, forgetting about the inner calling and pure life. 

I feel it. I can’t hold it. So I speak to you, my friends, through the canvas. It’s neither a painting, nor an artwork. Rather it’s a mirror – a portal, may Rick Sanzhez say. And this mirror resembles the inner energy, the Soul. 

The Message

What are spiritual fullness and emptiness? If there is complete nothingness, does it matter at all? But since we are here down the Earth, let’s play by the local rules.

What energy we – the Souls – let the avatars to radiate, that influences their thoughts and actions. While usually unseen, this thin energy vibrates the strings of the universe. I reveal them for you visually in two primary colors – blue and red. 

Both indicate our awakening state. Red, which is negative, degrading and devastating, characterizes someone who’s asleep in her journey. Blue, on the contrary, is present, awake, full of energy and in harmony with the world around.

I know you thirst for the truth.

Peek into the portal. 

I often rely on symbolism in works. Characters in my paintings represent the dead race of consumers having no eyes, only a mouth and a pair of ears. Consumers are taught to listen and obey, to gossip but never check. Alas, they see nothing. 

They are not awake. But they are not blind.

I’m freaking excited.I’m delighted to work with these blockchain guys. They know their stuff. They help build this new level of the video game for our avatars. – get an alternative eye, a simulacrum. Understanding these facets of reality should navigate you your own path. Embrace the different energies and you’ll find the internal piece with your avatar.But remember the roots. You are eternally free, if only you don’t forget it. You are empowered to explore the Spirit of the Universe, to speak with It. But only if you open your mind.The eye appears across the works as a symbol of awareness and spiritual depth. How far can you see, dear Soul?Those who develop blue energy by practicing positive thinking and good actions open their Eye. But those still in doubt – acting (self)destructivelyMy portals will assist you.An Invitation

p01. 01. ‘Business woman’ 

A confident girl is depicted as a business woman. She is responsible for finances which is crucial to running this business. Her task is to influence the people – most often men – who appear sitting in front of her. So she acts blatantly, showing off her sexuality, while exploiting the weaknesses of her visitors. This concludes her profiteering: only later the victims realize that an inaccurate amount of money was transferred or an incorrectly worded document led to losing property. “It’s not personal. It’s just business.”

p02. ‘Evolution’

The picture shows the path of a girl who victoriously degrades. While spinning on the wheel of Samsara, she is still able to scramble out and find her way in life. An eye here is a symbol of the right path which leads to universal development.

p03. ‘Waiting’

This work depicts a room with girls who are completely different in character. They are waiting for a man but they do not know how they got there. Wonder what will happen next?

A Farewell

Don’t be afraid. It’s just a game.

See the works by Valentyne Metyk on the Foundation.