NVIDIA GTC 2021 presentation

November 19, 2021

Recently there was a new presentation of NVIDIA GTC 2021, where Jen-Hsun Huang showed what they were working on this year. NVIDIA is the most powerful geeks, fanatical engineers who in their presentations focus our attention on the hardware and software they create. For an ordinary viewer, all these endless names of chips, boards, processors, and various programs that NVIDIA shows in their presentations will seem like something complicated and boring. Of course, this is not a sexy watch on hand, and not a marine-colored iPhone. NVIDIA manufactures hardware and software solutions for artificial intelligence: medicine, biology, physics, climate, robotics, education, mechanical engineering, space, entertainment.If Meta only fantasizes about their metaverse, showing glasses and VR meeting rooms, then NVIDIA has been supplying entire industries for 10 years technologies linking the physical and digital dimensions.There is an episode in presentation about how BMW builds digital copies of its factories, where processes are optimized as much as possible through AI calculations, which allows BMW to produce one car per minute!

And another case in the episode is Ericsson, which creates digital copies of cities to visualize the work of 5G networks with maximum accuracy.

But of course, NVIDIA's advances in science and medicine are more inspiring.In fact, their AI simulates both the microcosm and the macrocosm, which allows NVIDIA to get the most accurate understanding of the structure of the world and its processes, and, accordingly, to understand how they can be influenced. They manage to do all this Article NVIDIA presentation 1  in an independent style. They have their own hardware; they have their own software. And such an ecosystem makes them as flexible as possible.Dozens of giant companies have already sprawled on it, thereby increasing the volume of the NVIDIA metaverse. On the Internet, we have organized activities and created syncs and connections with other people and their processes. Metaverse is the next level of this space, its different form, with a lot of possibilities.Going to the metaverse is the same as entering the Internet. The only difference is that all processes are gamified, the sound becomes voluminous, what is only imagined on the Internet, new scripts for controlling and managing operations appear.NVIDIA's distinguishing feature when working with avatars is that they create brains for them, splicing them with artificial intelligence.

In the field of avatars, NVIDIA is lit. They get the most valuable DATA from all their directions and make the most effective decisions.NVIDIA really has the highest quality metaverse that is already working. And their ambition to sweep the entire planet is great.Most of the problems on the planet, both private and general, are due to ignorance, due to a lack of knowledge, information and understanding of the structure of the world, the laws of nature and other processes. Understanding the processes and education in the structure of the world is the path of conscious growth. Such a great idea of having an exact copy of the world and its content, it will be even possible to better investigate it and get out of ignorance and create your own NFTs, making your future reliable as well as NVIDIA wants. CTRL/ART/D will help. Don’t hesitate to start your NFT path and contact us anytime!