How does NFT community celebrate Christmas?

December 21, 2021

With the Christmas season fast approaching, here we are with our article about how NFT community celebrates this traditional holiday. Let’s have a look on the way you can contribute to community celebration and on Crypto presents you might receive under your Christmas tree:

Such an amazing idea of creation a Christmas Wish NFT. That’s a unique NFT that allows you to generate and save your Christmas wish to ETH blockchain forever. It costs only 0.01 ETH per wish, so it gives a chance to take part almost to every member of NFT community and to make history all together!  Christmas Wish NFT wrote on their profile on OpenSea: “As we all know, it has been a tough year with that Grinch, Mr. Epidemic going around. So let us end this year with a magical wish through our wonder Ethereum blockchain network, where our wishes will be saved forever!”

While an actual blue chip NFT likely costs too much to spend on a gift, a piece of official merchandise is sure to impress a budding NFT collector. High-end collections such as Bored Ape and Pudgy Penguins have their own official merch, including hoodies, caps, bags, and phone cases. Or you might probably get a Notjust Cryptmas sweater made from 100% recycled materials, and the company donates 50% of the profits to mental health charities. Another popular Crypto Christmas present is a trustworthy hardware wallet from official website that ensures you that nobody steals your assets when connected.

And the last but not least - nothing could bring you more joy and enough of Christmas mood as decorating a tree together. So, the creators of the NFT Christmas Tree brought together artists, crypto industry leaders, collectors, and entrepreneurs in their project. The Culture Clash style allowed everyone to express ideas in their own unique way within a single project. A total of 555 collectible toys have been prepared, of which 148 are art objects. Each author's toy has a deep meaning. Also, toys are admitted with a pass to the NFT club. The designer balls depict NFT heroes of the outgoing year, New Year's characters and memes. In addition, they have letters installed on them. Those who collect messages from them will receive special prizes. You can buy toys until December 30.

Probably we are a little bit in advance and not everyone is already obsessed with this Christmas atmosphere. But CTRL/ART/D will remind you better that any Advent Calendar that miracles exist, and we are helping to convert them into reality! If your Christmas wish is to start creating your NFTs – we are your personal Santa! Ho-ho-ho!